Abitha’s Oil Book – W

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the W section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


Wakonda/ Wakon Tonka- Prayer-meditation-prosperity-healing.

Wallbreaker – Remove obstacles and impediments keeping you from your goal.

Wanga- To be used in righteous anger against those who have seriously wronged you.

War – Defeat an enemy’s curse. Help you win your battles.

Water- Promote love, healing, psychic awareness and purification.

Water (Elemental) – To attract and extend vibrational qualities.

Wayland (Celtic) – To gain artistic endeavor, creativity, and personal power.

Wealthy Way (Abitha’s) – To attract riches and financial blessings.

Wear Away- Mild curse to teach one a lesson. Only temporary effects- mental anxiety, etc.

Weed of Misfortune- Used to change one’s luck from bad to good.

White Buffalo Woman- Commitment-Encouragement- hanging in there until you succeed.

White Goddess- To give thanks after ritual has been completed. Anoint a white candle.

White Goddess #2- Strength for women.

White Light Astral- Anoint your chakra points and palms with oil, a white figure candle, and a personal item that represents you. Purge your soul of dark and morose thoughts and clears away the day-to-day irritation and misery. Helps relieve stress and anxiety, along with clearing your mind of ugliness and clutter.

White Linen- Clears away the negative and brings in the positive.

White Mus – Sprinkle around bed of a sick person to help them heal.

Wild Desire-Use upon the appropriate color candle to fulfill your desire.

Will Power – Strength and courage to say or do what is necessary; Strength to hold your tongue also.

Win at Casino- Helps increase winnings while gambling.

Winabojo (Manabozo (Algonquin Storyteller) – Teaches power to create with words. Giving power of one’s words.

Winner’s Circle – Be the one in the “winner’s circle”.

Wish – Use to acquire things you wish for, like Mojo oil.

Wishbone- Realize your dreams and desires. Burn on a purple candle to achieve luck and psychic goals.

Witch against Witchcraft – To dispel negative witchcraft-curses- evil-etc. Protection from the Black Arts.

Witch’s- To thank a witch for help given.

Wolf’s Blood –Instill courage-overcome fear of death. Improve business.

Wolf’s Eye – Protect and keep one safe, wherever you are.

Wolf’s Heart- To entice errant lovers to return. For courage under great pressure. For strength to “hang in there” and push toward success.