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If you are in need of advice and guidance in your spiritual life, please contact one of the members of our readers.  We no longer provide readings in the shop, but you can reach out to our community of Spiritual Advisors below to make an appointment with them privately.


While our staff can provide spiritual guidance, we cannot provide medical advice

Let our friends provide for your spiritual needs today!

Our team

Samantha Madrid

In 2009, Samantha's path led her to becoming a professional spychic. She has since worked as a reader at a local metaphysical shop, establishing herself as a reputable psychic. 


In late 2013, Samantha founded her own business, Sakrid Moon Starting from her home office near Old Town Albuquerque, NM she created a place where a connection was achieved. This connection allows her to feel past, present and future possibilities.


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(Samantha is booked out through August 2023, but an opening may come free)

Brigita Caissa Jupiter

Your Divine Lines (Facebook)


  • Aura Photography
  • Metaphysical Teacher
  • Psychic
  • Palmist
  • High Priestess/Minister
  • Daily Rites & Life Rituals


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Kit is a Chaos witch with a penchant for sigils and planetary magic. An ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, they have studied magic and the occult for well over 13 years and began their practice on the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in 2015. They are currently writing a book on sigil magic for all practitioners, and recently started a blog for magical and spiritual exploration http://namaodteloah.com.


  • Cartomancy
  • Geomancy
  • Astragalomancy
  • Grammatomancy
  • Shufflemancy


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Barbara Kerford

Barbara has studied a variety of metaphysical modalities over the last 20 years. Her journey started by listening to Abraham Hicks, then expanded to include Angel Readings, Integrated Energetic Therapies, Reiki, the Pulse Technique and now Aura Photos.


Barbara’s clients have noticed a difference in many areas of their lives, including opportunities opening up for them, a better understanding of themselves, more peace and clarity and a clearer picture of where they want their lives to go. In her Angel Readings you will hear the messages your Angels have for you and which angels are around you. The readings can be used to provide guidance and direction.


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Crystal Angel Tarot

Tarot Reader



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Rev. Jacqueline Schlessinger

Welcome Jacqueline back to our community.


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From our family to yours, blessed be.