Abitha’s Oil Book – V

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the V section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


Valhalla (Saxon/Norse) -Use when casting the runes; just reward; fate; safe passage; crossing safely to the “other” side.

Valley of Delphi (Oracle Prophecy) – To wipe clear a space filled with grief.

Van Van (Abitha’s) – Very strong uncrossing blend. Use when you are unsure of where it is coming from.

Van Van (Haitian) –Increase power of talismans.

Van Van (Laveau) – Use on charms, talismans, seals, candles to increase your powers.

Vence Vatia- Overcome with success, lawsuits and others attempts to control you.

Vencedor (Conqueror) – Overcome problems. Cleanse and bless the house.

Venus – Goddess of Love; your mate treats you with love and respect; Draw love into your life;  admiration.

Venus (Planetary) – Venus, Freya; Friday, ruler of Taurus and Libra.

Venus Passion- Sprinkle on a lover to form an inescapable trap around them.

Vesta (Goddess) – Overcome negative spells against you.

Vesta Aru – Drives out evil spirits and draws forces of good to you. Purifies.

Vibration – Sets up intense currents between lovers; Very sensual.

Victory Over Evil – Protect you and your loved ones from sinister plots, spiteful gossip, fraud.

Virgin De San Juan (Queen of Air and Darkness (Wicca) – She can grant any wish. Most powerful. Give her what you promised, or she can be vindictive.

Virgo- Used by females to help gain confidence and assertiveness.  Used by men to help them keep a grip on reality.

Virgo #2- Help maintain happiness, health, and peace of mind. Bolster hurt feelings and damaged egos.

Vision (Spiritual Vision) – Prophetic dreams; Call upon spirits for guidance or messages.

Vision Quest- Anoint forehead to produce psychic awareness.

Vision Quest #2- To stimulate creative visualization and open the third eye.

Volodare – Get another to move away and leave you alone.

Voo Doo Nights- Powerful oil to bring others to you.

Voodoo – Protects one against evil. Makes others unable to resist you.

Vulcan- Control negative emotions- use with other oils to increase their strength and potency.