Abitha’s Oil Book – XYZ

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the X, Y, & Z section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


XX Crossing- To cause your enemy much grief and bad luck.

XX Double Crossing- Sprinkle in an enemy’s path to cross them up.

XX Fast Luck- Anoint a green and yellow candle to bring prosperity and luck to you quickly.

XX Uncrossing (Abitha’s) – To remove crossed conditions, whether by curse, haunting, or unfortunate unlucky circumstances. DO NOT ANOINT YOURSELF WITH THIS OIL!! It is for getting negative influences away from yourself.

XYZ – Gratitude for problems solved; Bring extra benefits and zest into your life; improve your situation.


Yaka- Very strong crossing oil.

YaYa- Make a woman more fertile. Assists one to get pregnant and protects from miscarriage.

Yemaya (Yoruba) Goddess of Prosperity, love, fertility, and women.

Yesod- Ninth Sephiroth: foundation of Temple.

You Are So Beautiful- Love, fertility, and disperses any ill-intentioned influences in vicinity.

YoYo- Turn a woman’s unwanted advances. Stop bothering a man who isn’t interested in her.

Yula (Chinese) – Said when used by an unwed woman, she will get a proposal before a year is gone. Never  use carelessly!! Burn on a black candle when wishing the death of an enemy.

Yule- To bring harmony during the season.

Yuza Yuza (Japanese) -Settle quarrels between antagonists. Mystical oil used for calling spirits of the dead.


Zadikiel- Purification, aura cleansing, space clearing, and transmuting negative energy to positive.

Zawba- Powerful breakup blend.

Zeus (Jupiter) – Helps one keep their morals in line.

Zeus#2- Helps one gain knowledge.

Zeus #3- Fertility; this is a good oil for men who are trying to make babies.

Zodiac (For all signs)– Attract favorable planetary vibrations.

Zombi- Used only to cast serious hexes/curses.

Zonka- Burn on a purple candle during a full moon to break evil spells.

Zula Zula- Hexing blend; get revenge; bring harm to and enemy. Use with caution!