Abitha’s Oil Book – T

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the T section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


Tabaris- Give one strength and determination.

Tame (Stray No More) – Tame your “animal” and keep him/ her at home. No more straying.

Tammuz- Fertility-abundance-love-birth.

Tapa La Boca (Shut the mouth) – Stop gossiping; Gets others to stop interfering.

Tar-Get rid of.

Tara (Tibetan Goddess)- Spiritual: give thanks for her help- invoke her for help.

Tara #2- Grounds us to help us finish what we start-completion-fertility and hope.

Tarot- Help cleanse and charge your cards.

Taurus- Psychics/medium/faith healers/etc. use to help enhance their abilities.

Taurus #2- To increase one’s powers.

Taurus #3- Clarity, clears visions, helps with dreams.

Tezcatlipoca- The smoking mirror, favors Shamans & mirror gazers. Helps with divination, especially scrying. Destruction as well as creativity and fertility.

Teasing Lover – Is your romance dull and sagging? Refresh it with this enticing blend.

Tejas (Texas) – To gain “Texas” size wealth.

Temptation – Stop lover from being tempted by others; Keep them interested in you.

Ten Commandments- Use to remove a curse on someone who violated any of the commandments and give them forgiveness.

Tetragramaton- Dress white candles to attract and communicate with friendly spirits. This is a solitary ceremony.

Thief- Expose a thief and cause them grief, etc.

Think Only of Me (Abitha’s) – To always be on your lover’s mind.

Thor- Loyalty, courage, and skill.

Thoth- Calms the tension between two people.

Thoth #2- Knowledge and communication.

Three Jacks– Good gambling oil. Anoint a green and gold candle before gambling.

Three Kings – Good luck in gambling-especially in cards. Good for success in court.

Three Wise Men- Spiritual help.

Thrifty – To help one spend money only when necessary. Not waste one’s money.

Tie My Man (Amarre Hombre) – Bind your man to you. Keep him from straying.

Tiger – Turn a shy lover into a tiger. Awakens psychic and clairvoyant power.

Tiger (1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034)- Instilling braver, competitiveness, and self-confident.

Tiphareth- Use during meditation; helps one achieve enlightenment.

Toad- Strong banishing blend.

Totem Animal- Connect with your totem animal through your ceremonial journey.

Touch Me Not- Keep people from taking your energy.

Tranquility – Calms nerves; Eases tension; Tranquility in the home & life; Calm down children.

Tree of Life- Master situations. Be in control. Use for internal growth and grounding.

Trinity- Draw blessings to you and every aspect of your life.

Triple Action – Increases the strength of your other oils.

Triple Cross – A very strong protection, especially against those you don’t trust. Protection from devious schemes.

True Love (Mexico) – Helps one find their true love.

Trust- Use in rituals to help instill trust.

Trustworthy Husband- Keep husband faithful and truthful with you.

Truth Talker (Goddess of Justice) – No lies can be told. Fairness and truth. An impartial judgment/justice.

Tryst- To increase the power of love spells.

Tulan- Entry point to another mythical city. Source of wisdom in teachings of the ancient Maya. Insight and experience to accept our place in creation.

Turn Back- To help one turn back something that has been done so all involved can find peace.

Turquoise- Makes things easier, so you can relax.

Turtle- Protects one from accidents so they can live a long life.

Twelve Apostles- When one is ill and in pain, this can very often be a time of life when one feels alone and isolated. Anoint individual to help them find relief.

Twenty-One- Gambling blend that work at the blackjack table.

Twisting- To “twist” someone to your will.