Abitha’s Oil Book – S

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the S section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


Sacred- Protection and prosperity.

Sacred Heart of Jesus- Protection and peace for you and all in your home.

Sacred Rose of Tepeyac (Mexico) – For money and prosperity.

Sacred Sage- Cleanse out the negative energy. Brings in healing, blessing energies.

Sagittarius- Helps one to be more straight forward.

Sagittarius #2- Helps keep calm and focused.

Sagittarius #3- Works on overcoming the fear of commitment.

Saint Alex (Alejo) – Get rid of another. Protection from enemies.

Saint Andrew- Patron of the common people. Health and knowledge. An old German tradition says that single women who wish to marry should ask for Saint Andrew’s help on the eve of his feast, then sleep naked that night; they will see their future husbands in their dreams.

Saint Anthony of Padua – Locate lost/missing items; infertility; love remedy. Patron Saint of Gravediggers, amputees, infertility, lost items, and the sacraments.

Saint Barbara – Conquer, defeat, and control enemies.

Saint Christopher – Protection; especially when you are traveling.

Saint Cipriano – Protects from witchcraft and harm.

Saint Clara – Peace, clairvoyance, and wisdom.

Saint Eduvigis – Aids one in getting out of jail. Aids those who live in poverty.

Saint Expeditus – Build a “shield” around your home and loved ones to protect them from enemies.

Saint Francis of Assisi– Protection for animals.

Saint Germain- Patron of victims of child abuse.

Saint Helen – Bring a lost love back into your life.

Saint Ignatius DeLoyola- Anoint around all doors and windows to ward off devils, demons, and bad energies.

Saint Jacob- Patron Saint of arthritis, laborers, and veterinarians.

Saint John’s (Wort) – Protection; to help one overcome addiction.

Saint Joseph- Will help you sell your house/property; Find a job.

Saint Jude – When things seem impossible, and you have no place else to turn.

Saint Kevin- To assist one in strengthening their faith. Grounding.

Saint Lazarus – Saint of the seriously ill. Also aids in curing drug addictions.

Saint Martha – Protects over cooks and dieticians. Used by women to gain confidence. Punish those who interfere with your relationship. Dominate a man; bring back a lover.

Saint Martin Caballero – Draws customers and money to a business that is doing poorly.

Saint Michael (Archangel) – Patron Saint of policeman and paratroopers. Help fight your battles.

Saint Raphael- Help one gain health and happiness.

Saint Raymond – Stop others from gossiping and slandering your name.

Saint Rita- Saint of healing of wounds and loneliness.

Salome- Used to tease a man then draw him to you.

Salvation- Healing energy during meditation and prayer.

Samadi- To acquire one’s own aura of magical potency.

Sambul- Commune with spirits of those who have passed “over” enhances psychic powers; love; luck; and health.

Samhain- Use during Samhain to bring blessings and knowledge to you.

Samhain #2- Use during Samhain to cleanse your altar, tools, and workspace.

San Deshacedor- Get unwanted neighbors or people out of your life. Make them want to move.

San Simon- Opener of the way, male sexual potency, fertility, sometimes called the “Saint of Gamblers”.

Santo Niño de Atocha- Bring aid and comfort to those in need and children.

Sappho- Help anyone attract love and affection.

Sappho #2- Used by lesbian and bi women to attract love and affection.

Satan Be Gone -Remove all evil and curses; Chase Satan from your life; uncrossing.

Saturn – Draw money; Good luck at casinos & gambling; Success in business ventures; curse a foe.

Saturn (Planetary) – Destiny, institutions, the elderly, funerals, architecture, death, and banishment. Kronos/Saturday/ ruler of Capricorn; co-ruler of Aquarius.

Satyr – Stimulate lust and passion from those coming around you; perpetual youth; Refinement.

Scorpio- Helps one to accomplish anything they put their mind to and they won’t give up.

Scorpio #2- To instill force, vigor, and determination.

Scorpio #3- Helps to open and share one’s feelings.

Seal of Solomon- Wisdom, luck, money, and domination.

Seax- This is a holy healing blend.

Secret Desires- This can be used on the candle of your desire. For any desire \, such as mental/physical health, love, etc.

Secret of Love- Wear around someone to find out the feelings that they have for you.

Secret of Venus- Brings love, good fortune, victory, and chastity. Wear it when you feel weak and need assistance from the God(s).

Seduction- Used by women who “work” the bars, or prostitutes to attract men and get them to give them money.

Sekhmet (Egyptian Lion Goddess) – Guard and protect you and brings you success in any battle. Effective against black magic.

Selene (Moon Goddess) – Goddess who pulls the full moon across the sky in her chariot. She lightens the mind of its problems; she eases broken hearts; heals and soothes the aura.

Selket (Scorpion Goddess) – Protectress of married couples and Goddess of Magic.

Sensation –To draw others to you; irresistible.

Sensual – Increase sexual and erotic feelings when you wear this blend.

Sensual Love- Anoint a pink candle and burn to make a strong connection with your partner.

Separation – Break undesirable relationships; Cause chaotic feelings between people; Detach          emotions.

Seven African Powers – Love and Sex; Gain money; Protection; Power and success; open the path; Prophetic dreams.

Seven Angels- Protect from evil, accidents, illness, etc. Brings in love, prosperity, happiness, and peace.

Seven Day Uncrossing (Abitha’s) Free yourself from oppressive burdens; Break curses.

Seven Drops of Love – Help matters progress quickly when meeting a prospective new partner or lover.

Seven Eleven (Lucky Seven) –Good gambling oil- especially for dice players.

Seven Gods Of Luck (Japanese) – Love, luck, protection, and happiness.

            Benton- Female beauty, fine arts and home life.

            Bishamonten- Giver of wealth.

            Daikoku- God of unlimited wealth.

            Ebisu- Food, fish and honest work.

Fukurokujin- Miracles, long life and good fortune.

Hotei- Treasures for the cheerful.

Jurojin- Health and long life.

Seven Holy Spirits- Reminds one that, when in danger, retreat until peril has faded. Then proceed with the objective, plan or mission without hindrance from enemies.

Seven Seas- Psychic powers, purification, healing, and love.

Seventh Heaven –When used on the body before engaging in sexual relations, it is said to bring satisfaction and gratification never experienced.

Severance- Sever a “bond”; break up relationships of all kinds~ i.e., get someone fired; lose their money-love-etc.

Shakti (Shiva) – “To be able,” meaning sacred force or empowerment.

Shaman Dream (Vision) – Connects one to nature, spirit, and self.

Shaman’s Moon- Helps heal oneself and your environment while reconnecting with yourself, nature and spirit.

Shambala- Essence of musical transformation. Tibetan Buddhism-Mythic kingdom in Central Asia.

Shape Shifter- Love, money, fertility, sleep and invisibility.

Shapeshifter #2- Anoint your money so it may spawn prolifically.

Sheep (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039, 2051)- Helps to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice.

Shekinah- Relieves tension. Used in healing; helps triumph over negative energies. Leaves your soul ready to be filled again. Giver of strength.

Shi Shi – Clear all obstacles in path to succeeding; Triumph over adversaries; Prosperity; Luck;  Gambling.

Shifting Sands- Use for a change of luck-job-new life-etc. Change in gambling luck-business-etc. To get someone to leave without unpleasantness.

Showers of Gold –When money is needed in a hurry.

Siete Macho (7 Men) –Men use this to keep their women true to them. Good for gambling and good luck.

Siete Potencia- Assists in bringing completion your desires.

Sitting Bull (Sioux) – Responsibility; courage to hang in there until you success in your desires.

Sleep (Peaceful Sleep) – Helps wearer to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Slimming Potion- Said to aid in weight loss.

Snake – Helps win most difficult court cases. Helps sick recover. Solves money problems.

Snake (1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037)- Communication, intelligence, strong sense of right and wrong, helps in legal matters.

Snow Drops- Deals with death and rebirth. Renewal.

Sophia- Helps with devotion, obedience and lust in relationships.

Sortes Sacrae- Add to other formulas to bring faster results for your desires.

Soul Mate- Combine with “Attraction” oil and anoint a pink candle for your soul mate to come into your life.

Special # 20 – Use when going through a crisis and all else seems to fail you, Also good for gambling.

Special Attraction- To get someone special to be attracted to you.

Special Dice- Strong gambling blend, wear when engaging in games containing dice.

Special Favors (Emergency) – Use to get that much needed help or luck when things are desperate or nothing else seems to fit the problem. Use with St. Jude or 7-knob candles.

Special Job (Abitha’s) – Find a job, seeking a promotion, or improving workplace conditions.

Special Love- To draw a lover into one’s life or to enhance an existing relationship.

Special Prayer – Pray to the spirits for the special help you need.

Special Protection- stronger protection with more power.

Spell Breaker- Removes difficult spells and hexes. Helps protect from future hexes.

Spider Woman- Forgiveness; karma; transformation. Finding what we haven’t learned yet.

Spirit- Wear when trying to contact beings on another plain.

Spirit #2- Can be worn to invoke a connection, magic, transformation, and change.

Spirit (Elemental) – Use to connect with the fifth element.

Spirit Communication- Spirit communication/ guide souls of the departed.

Spirit Energy-Use to increase the energy flow around you when working with spirits.

Spirit Guide (Samadhi) – Used when one is trying to contact someone on the “other side”; Ouija; Séances; etc.

Spiritual Good Luck – Good luck; Good health; Good fortune

Spiritual Healing- Use on a healing candle and anoint base of neck to counter evil that is trying to cause problems to your material/spiritual/health peace.

Spiritual Power- Adds strength to one’s own faith.

Spiritual Teacher- Call upon your “spirit” teacher to learn.

Spring Rain- New lease on life. Uplifting exhilarating energies.

Squint- Sprinkle on your mate’s clothes to stop them from wandering.

Star of the Sea (Minoan) – Good for love, lust, protection, health, and luck.

Star of the Sea #2(Minoan)– Promotes good health; all around all-purpose blend.

Stay At Home – Keep your mate from staying out late with friends; Stop them from wandering.

Stay Away – Discourage unwanted visitors or relatives from visiting; Keep undesirables away.

Steady Work (Brujeria Trabjo) – Find a permanent full-time job; Have courage and confidence at interviews.

Stonehenge (Wicca) – Use when casting solar/sun magic.

Stop Evil (Sonny Boy) – Protects from ill/evil intentions that are throw towards you.

Stop Gossip – Shuts a person up and keeps them from spreading gossip about you.

Stop Gossip #2- Stops others from speaking false.

Stop Jealousy- To stop that old “green-eyed monster” in your life.

Stray No More- To keep your mate at home and away from those you believe are undesirable.

Stray No More #2- Bind your lover to you. Marital fidelity.

Strega- Adds more power to healing spells and rituals.

Strength- Helps one find their inner strength. Gives extra power to stay strong.

Strength and Endurance- Mental and emotional strength to endure the trials and tribulations one faces in life.

Strong Love- Strengthen the love between two people.

Success – To be successful in all your endeavors; Rub on money, talismans, legal papers, etc.

Success and Good Fortune- Sprinkle daily around business site. Never be without clients and customers.

Sun (Planetary) – Creativity; Revitalization; Attract gold and silver; all life’s good blessings.

Sun and Moon- Use during ritual to call upon the power of both the sun and the moon. Best at dawn or at dusk.

Sun God- Healing, vitality, strength, promotions, and all solar influences.

Sure to Win – Sway luck to your advantage; Anoint gambling talismans.

Sutcha (Health) – Bring good health to one.

Swallow’s Blood – Use in love drawing rituals.

Swallow’s Eye – Wards off evil.

Swallow’s Heart – Protection and strength against evil.

Sweet Thoughts- Entice another to think sweet thoughts about you. Keep you on their mind.