Abitha’s Oil Book – Q

The oil formulas that we use in the shop are from not only my family’s (blood and chosen) but other prominent practitioners throughout the years.

Today is the Q section of Abitha’s Oil Definitions Book.

Purpose/Ritual Oils & Their Uses


Q (Cajun-Haitian) – Arouse sensuous thoughts and sexual desires in another; Very enticing.

Queen – For luck and love.

Queen Bee – You are the “Queen” of your domain, your home, and your castle. Drag Queens use for luck and love.

Queen of Air and Darkness- She can grant any wish. Most powerful. Give her what you promised, or she can be vindictive.

Queen of Angels – Forgive and forget-emotional healing.

Queen of Darkness (Hecate) – To add extra power in doom and/or hexing spells.

Queen of Desire – Transformation. The courage to go after which you desire.

Queen of the Night (Wicca) – Ladies of the night wear this to attract more customers and for protection.

Queen of Sheba – Passion, money, and love.

Queen of Tibet – Exotic; spellbinding; tantalizing; passion. For those who want, need & expect the most of life.

Queen’s Delight – To help one conceive-fertility.

Quick Job – When you have been out of work and need to find a job quickly.

Quick Money Draw – Draw cash, treasures, good fortune, and other good things for gaining financial security.

Quieting- Burn on a white candle when you are overcome by stress, etc. for some peace and relaxation.

Quitting – Keep the law away-cause one to quit a job-stop others from placing a curse on you.